S.S. Huebner Foundation
Strengthening the next generation of risk educators


global influence

The impact of the S.S. Huebner Foundation on higher education in insurance and risk management has been profound. While many institutions and organizations have contributed to the field, the Foundation, implemented at the Wharton School, has played a major role in sustaining insurance and risk management in higher education and thus has directly helped the insurance industry and public interest. 

Huebner alumni have served as state insurance commissioners and headed government programs, such as the Federal Flood Insurance program. They have conducted pathbreaking research projects on important public policy issues, including health care financing, insurance guaranty funds and risk-based capital systems, insurance fraud, insurance availability in inner cities, and auto insurance price regulation. Fellows have testified before Congress and have played key roles in drafting legislation. 

Huebner Alumni

Stanley R. Adamson (U. of P. 1976-1979)
Traci S. Allotey (U. of P. 1987-1989)
Janet Ambrose (U. of P. 1984-1987)
James L. Athearn (U. of P. 1955-56, postdoctoral fellow)
Vickie L. Bajtelsmit (U. of P. 1987 - 1990)
D. Stuart Bancroft (U. of P. 1968 - 1971)
Burton Thomas Beam Jr. (U. of P. 1967-1970)
Joseph M. Belth (U. of P. 1958-61)
Frank G. Bensics (U. of P. 1977 - 1979)
Lawrence A. Berger (U. of P. 1982-1985)

Gilles Bernier (U. of P. 1989, postdoctoral grant)
David E. Bickelhaupt (U. of P. 1955-58)
Vencil Bixler (U. of P. 1986-1987, postdoctoral grant)
Kenneth Black (U. of P. 1950-53)
H. Randolph Bobbit, Jr. (U. of P. 1961-1964)
Mark J. Browne (U. of P. 1983 - 1986)
Anne M. Butler (U. of P. 1985 - 1988)
T. Emerson Cammack (U. of P. 1941-43)
Dominic Paul Carestia (U. of P. 1981-1983)
Anne M. Carroll (U. of P. 1982-1985)
Manuel Chavez (U. of P. 1956-1959)
Donald R. Childress (U. of P. 1949-51)
Albert H. Clark (U. of P. 1958-59)
Robert S. Cline (U. of P. 1951-54)
Darwin B. Close (U. of P. 1962-65)
Ernest Cole (U. of P. 1953-55)
Robert W. Cooper (U. of P. 1965-68)
Ann Costello (U. of P. 1972-75)
Robert M. Crowe (U. of P. (1957-59)
J. David Cummins (U. of P. 1968-71)
Michael Delaney (U. of P. 1967-70)
Manuel O. Diaz (U. of P. 1946-47, 1956-58)
Helen Doerpinghaus (U. of P. 1983-87)
William W. Dotterweich (U. of P. 1951-55, summer of 1956)
Robert Doyle, Jr. (U. of P. 1974-77)
Robert B. Drennan (U. of P. 1982-83)
Kevin Eastman (U. of P. 1980-83)
Edmond L. Escolas (U. of P. 1970-71)
Stephen W. Forbes (U. of P. 1964-67)
G. William Glendenning (U. of P. 1958-61)
William K. Ghee (U. of P. 1960-63)
Elizabeth Grace (U. of P. 1980-82)
George Granger (U. of P. 1959-61)
Edward Graves (U. of P. 1972-74)
Gary Griepentrog (U. of P. 1979-80, postdoctoral grant)
Charles P. Hall, Jr. (U. of P. 1958-61)

John W. Hall (U. of P. 1950-52, 1954-56)
G. Victor Hallman III (U. of P. 1953-56)
Sanford Halperin (U. of P. 1947 - 48)
George R. Hartman (U. of P. 1960-63)
J. D. Hammond (U. of P. 1955-58)
Gerald R. Hartman (U. of P. 1960-63)
George L. Head (U. of P. 1964-67)
Frederick Henningsen (U. of P. 1948-50, Summer 1953)

Father Michael J. Heppen (U. of P. 1966-1967)
Kenneth W. Herrick (U. of P. 1951-53, Summer 1954)
Alfred E. Hofflander, Jr. (U. of P. 1960-63)
Ronald C. Horn (U. of P. 1959-62)
Robert E. Hoyt (U. of P. 1981-84)

Harry M. Johnson (U. of P. 1960-62)
Jerry L. Jorgensen (U. of P. 1962-65)
Michael Lee Kearney (U. of P. 1955-58)
Jack Cutler Keir (U. of P. 1951-53, Summer of 1954)
Anne E. Kleffner (U. of P. 1986-89)
Fred R. Kucera (U. of P. 1950-51)
Thoedore T. Kurlowicz (U. of P. 1976-79)
Manfred H. Ledford (U. of P. 1985-86, postdoctoral grant)

J. Finley Lee, Jr. (U. of P. 1962-65)
James A. Lignon (U. of P. 1987 - 90)
Blair M. Lord (U. of P. 1981-84)
Gary K. Lyon (U. of P. 1981-84)
Donald L. MacDonald (U. of P. 1947-51)
Robert A. Marshall (U. of P. 1964-67)
Arthur W. Mason, Jr. (U. of P. 1949-51)
Dan Mays McGill (U. of P. 1941-42, 1946-47)
Joseph W. Meador (U. of P. 1978)
Craig B. Merrill (U. of P. 1989-92)
Elbert G. Miller, Jr. (U. of P. 1978-79, postdoctoral grant)
Richard Morith ((U. of P. 1970)
Jack Nelson (U. of P. 1980-83)
Archie Nichols (U. of P. 1954-57)
Norma Nielson (U. of P. 1974-77)
David J. Nye (U. of P. 1968-71)
William A. Nye (U. of P. 1958-61)
Grant M. Osborne (U. of P. 1956)
George A. Overstreet (U. of P. 1978-79)
Alan C. Page (U. of P. 1975-77)
Bruce A. Palmer (U. of P. 1968-71)
John F. Pearce (U. of P. 1957-59)
LeRoy L. Phaup, Jr. (U. of P. 1955-58)
Richard D. Phillips (U. of P. 1990-92)
Richard H. Phillips (U. of P. 1973-75)
J. Eugene Pierce (U. of P. 1948-50, Summers 1952, 53, 54)
Lisa Posey (U. of P. 1988-92)
William H. Rabel (U. of P. 1963-66)
August Ralston (U. of P. 1964-67)
Laureen A. Regan (U. of P. 1987-90)
George E. Rejda (U. of P. 1958-61)
Neil Reznik (U. of P. Summers, 1959,1961, 1961-64)
Brenda A. Robinson (U. of P. 1990-92)
Jerry S. Rosenbloom (U. of P. 1962-65)
David Russell (U. of P. 1989 - 1991)
Stuart Schwarzschild (U. of P. 1955-58)
Barry Schweig (U. of P. 1971-74)
J. Allen Seward (U. of P. 1983-86)
Arnold F. Shapiro (U. of P. 1970-73)
Harold D. Skipper, Jr. (U. of P. 1970-73)
Barry D. Smith (U. of P. 1978-80)
H. Wayne Snider (U. of P. 1950-53)
David Sommer (U. of P. 1989 - 92)
Kim B. Staking (U. of P. 1985-89)
Gary K. Stone (U. of P. 1962-65)
Glen A. Taylor (U. of P. 1955-58)
Paul D. Thistle (U. of P. 1991, postdoctoral grant)
Myles A. Tracy (U. of P. 1964-65)
Terrie Troxel (U. of P. 1968-71)
Jack VanDerhei (U. of P. 1977-80)
Theresa M. Vaughan (U. of P. 1979-82)
George W. Viger (U. of P. 1951-52)
Luis Villaronga (U. of P. 1971-73)
Samuel Weese (U. of P. 1964-67)
Steven N. Weisbart (U. of P. 1968 - 69)
Mary Weiss (U. of P. 1979-82)
Royall Whitaker (U. of P. 1958-60)
James A. Wickman (U. of P. 1954-56)
Howard Widdowson (U. of P. 1957-60)
Arthur L. Williams (U. of P. 1954-56)
Donald E. Williams (U. of P. 1951-52)
Laura Wiltbank (U. of P. 1976-79)
Robert C. Witt (U. of P. 1966-69)
Glenn L. Wood (U. of P. 1960-63)
C. Bruce Worsham (U. of P. 1966 - 69)
Fred E. Wright (U. of P. 1949-50)
Sally Jo Wright (U. of P. 1984-85, postdoctoral grant)
Frank A. Young (U. of P. 1947-50)
Lowell Young (U. of P. 1967-68)